We come from the same world as our clients: the fast-paced climate of political campaigns and advocacy. We provide our clients with real-world solutions that save resources for higher purposes. [read more]

Firm Profile

Our firm concentrates in the formation and operation of non-profit organizations, campaign finance at the state and federal levels, election and political law and government ethics and lobbying regulation. [read more]

Practice Areas

Our practice areas include Campaign Finance and Election Law; Nonprofit Organizations Government Ethics and Regulation of Lobbying; Administrative Law; and Corporate and Commercial Law and Litigation. [read more]


Our attorneys are consistently rated among Washington, D.C.'s top political lawyers. They are seasoned veterans often consulted by the media and by the Federal Elections Commission. [read more]

In the News

Josh Rosenstein Quoted on House Rules in The Hill

January 13, 2015

On January 13, 2015, Josh Rosenstein was quoted in The Hill, regarding a change to House of Representatives rules on what witnesses must disclose before they testify on House panels: "Conceivably, it’s filling what some people see as a gap in FARA’s registration requirements,” said Joshua Rosenstein...

Joe Birkenstock Discusses SEC Pay to Play Rule with The Wall Street Journal

December 29, 2014

In late 2014, Joe Birkenstock discussed the Securities and Exchange Commission's Pay to Play Rule with The Wall Street Journal: Joseph Birkenstock, a campaign-finance lawyer with Sandler Reiff, said he asks clients to give him a full explanation of what strings are attached to a contribution before ...

Joe Birkenstock Discusses Outside Group Coordination with Talking Points Memo, David Mitrani Discusses with Wall Street Journal

November 17, 2014

Joe Birkenstock and David Mitrani discussed a recent charge of coordination between a party committee and outside groups with Talking Points Memo, and with the Wall Street Journal.  These groups allegedly used twitter accounts to share polling data.   From Talking Points Memo: "Joseph M. Birken...

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