We come from the same world as our clients: the fast-paced climate of political campaigns and advocacy. We provide our clients with real-world solutions that save resources for higher purposes. [read more]

Firm Profile

Our firm concentrates in the formation and operation of non-profit organizations, campaign finance at the state and federal levels, election and political law and government ethics and lobbying regulation. [read more]

Practice Areas

Our practice areas include Campaign Finance and Election Law; Nonprofit Organizations Government Ethics and Regulation of Lobbying; Administrative Law; and Corporate and Commercial Law and Litigation. [read more]


Our attorneys are consistently rated among Washington, D.C.'s top political lawyers. They are seasoned veterans often consulted by the media and by the Federal Elections Commission. [read more]

In the News

Josh Rosenstein Discusses FARA and Manafort’s Resignation Further

August 22, 2016

Josh Rosenstein recently followed-up with the Hill to discuss FARA and the resignation of Paul Manafort further. In the article, Rosenstein explained that part of the reason for FARA's low prosecution rate is due to the fact that the law primarily hinges on voluntary compliance. If someone does not ...

Josh Rosenstein Discusses FARA in The Hill

August 18, 2016

Josh Rosenstein discusses the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in an article recently published by The Hill on Paul Manafort's role in helping a Ukrainian political party secretly pay U.S. lobbyists. “The U.S. entity may still be liable for some violation of FARA if the principal lied to it, b...

Rachel Provencher and Jack Young Co-Author Chapter in “America Votes!”

August 2, 2016

Rachel Provencher and Jack Young recently co-authored a chapter in the newest edition of "America Votes! Challenges to Modern Election Law and Voting Rights." The book provides a snapshot of key election and voting rights issues that the United States faces moving into the 2016 election. In their ch...

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