Practice Areas

Our practice areas include Campaign Finance and Election Law; Nonprofit Organizations Government Ethics and Regulation of Lobbying; Administrative Law; and Corporate and Commercial Law and Litigation.

Campaign Finance and Election Law

            The Firm advises candidates for federal, state and local office, political party committees, PACs and political organizations (527’s), national, state and local political party committees and associations of elected officials, donors, non-profit organizations, corporations and unions about the rules governing political advocacy, communications and voter contact. 

We routinely represent clients before the Federal Election Commission and state election authorities, in enforcement matters, rulemakings, advisory opinion requests and other matters and proceedings.  Our firm is expert in compliance matters, including registration and reporting requirements at the federal and state level for political committees and organizations. We also handle tax, communications and advertising law matters and contract and employment matters for political campaigns and organizations.

            Our attorneys also have extensive expertise in voting rights and election administration matters, and have handled numerous recounts and election contests and redistricting cases; and have played a leading role in the design and implementation of the voter protection operations of the national and state Democratic party committees in the last five election cycles.

Nonprofit Organizations

            Our practice covers establishment of, and advice and services with respect to, the formation, operation and tax treatment of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations including registration of such organizations under state charitable solicitation laws and applications to the IRS for recognition of tax-exempt status.  We have provided the legal guidance for the formation and growth of numerous start-up non-profit organizations, covering a range of missions. 

            The Firm is frequently called upon to advise activists, donors and advocacy professionals about the most legally and operationally effective way to structure new non-profit ventures, in terms of choice of types of entity and the relationships between entities. We also routinely handle ongoing compliance, corporate governance, employment, contract and commercial matters for our non-profit clients.

Government Ethics and Regulation of Lobbying 

            The Firm advises corporations, government relations firms, trade associations and other law firms with respect to the requirements of the federal Lobbying Disclosure Act, the Foreign Agents Registration Act and state and local laws governing lobbying registration and reporting.  We also undertake initial registrations and preparation and filing of lobbying disclosure reports for our clients, at the federal, state and local level.

            Our attorneys advise elected officials about ethics matters and financial disclosure, and advise corporations and unions and government relations and lobbying firms about ethics matters, including sponsorship of events and travel.

            We represent Members of Congress before the Ethics Committees and represent companies, government relations and lobbying firms in ethics matters and investigations by Congressional committees and by state and local legislative bodies and administrative agencies, related to campaign finance and ethics issues.

Administrative Law

            We represent organizations and companies in agency proceedings and in challenges to federal agency action in the courts, particularly actions involving issues of agency jurisdiction and procedure.  Our attorneys are also very experienced in Freedom of Information Act procedure and litigation.  The Firm has successfully prosecuted litigation for clients against a range of federal agencies.

Corporate and Commercial Law and Litigation

            The Firm routinely handles corporate governance matters, contract negotiations and disputes, employment issues, agency and legislative investigations and litigation for its clients in the non-profit, political, government relations and advocacy arenas.

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